Workshop Closing Session

Workshop Closing Session


January 12, 2015


On Wednesday, January 8th.  the last session of the Workshop on Innovation was held.  Two teams made the final presentation of their proposals.

After exposure, the jury retired to deliberate and then presented its findings, highlighting the quality of both proposals and the great work done by students in two areas as diverse as emergency and disaster aid and revitalization of urban space.

The jury consisted of:

Federico de Isidro (Director of the Division of Architecture, EPS USPCEU)

Teodoro Alvarez Fadón (Design and Innovation Director, Ferrovial)

Manuel Martínez Alonso (Open Innovation Manager, Ferrovial)

Bárbara Fernández (Head of innovation and business processes, Ferrovial Corporation)

Cristina García-Ochoa (architect and project manager in CI3).

Maria Antón-Barco (Architect, Rebirth-Inhabit Group)

Juan Manuel Ros


The session program was developed according to this schedule:

09:00 Dean´s welcome .The importance of innovation in the area of ​​architecture and general CEU University

9:10 Workshop Summary by JM. Ros

9:20 Explanation of the challenge by T. Alvarez-Fadón

09:30 Presentation Group A (20 minutes including 10 for preparation)

10:00 Presentation Group B (20 minutes including 10 for preparation)

10:30 Break for deliberation by the jury, preparation of conclusions

11:00 Feedback groups A and B

11:20 Closing

11:30 Conclusion and closing ceremony of the Workshop on Innovation 2014

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