Science Week

Science Week


November 12, 2015


In celebration of the Science Week within the International Year of Light, la Escuela Politécnica Superior (EPS-CEU) organized a series of conferences focused on the topic of Light Science under the title of “Luz, Arte y Ciencia”.

Within the framework of the university and the plurality of teaching, the teachers Sara Bueno Fernández, Juan Manuel Ros García and José Rojo Montijano spoke from three different points of view (Optics, Architecture and Mathematics) on the light and its technology with the aim of expanding the knowledge and understanding that society have on the fundamental role of Light in today’s world and the advancement of its technology. Juan Manuel Ros García, Sara Bueno Fernández and José Rojo Montijano





05/11/2015  “ Ilusiones Ópticas”
Prof.ª Dra. Sara Bueno Fernández    Pharmacy / Optics

10/11/2015 “Hoy vengo a contarles tres mitos sobre la luz”
Prof. Dr. Juan Manuel Ros García   EPS / Architecture

11/11/2015 “Luz y relatividad: la sombra de un agujero negro”
Prof. José Rojo Montijano   Pharmacy / Applied Mathematics

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