Roberto A. González Lezcano

Foto_roberto_ gonzalez
PhD in Industrial Engineering. Extraordinary Doctorate Award.
Post-graduate in Mechanical Engineering
Post-graduate in Higher Education
Master in Mathematical Engineering.

Adjunct Professor in the Department of Architecture and Design in Escuela Politécnica Superior of Universidad CEU San Pablo CEU where he is Coordinator of Mechanical Systems and Electrical and Lighting Technology. He has taught in different areas: Mechanical Systems, Electromechanic and Technology of materials, Physics, Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering, Continuum Mechanics and Theory of Structures.
He had already taught classes and given conferences in the MC2 (Master Programme in Quality Construction) and in the Postgraduate of Total Real Estate and Services Management in Universidad Politécnica in Madrid and he currently belongs to the faculty of the Master in Renewable Energies in CEU San Pablo University (Higher Polytechnic School). In addition, he has taught in the Master of Industrial Engineering and Industrial Organization.
He has taken part in several projects financed by public funds from the Autonomous Community of Madrid (ACM) and the Ministry of Science and Technology. He has published several articles about Engineering, Mechanical Systems, Continuum Mechanics and he has been associate editor of the The International Journal of Sustainability Education.
He has published several books as coordinator and co-author of them: «Abecé de las Instalaciones 1 y 2» («Mechanical system technical report 1 and 2»), «Diseño y cálculo de instalaciones eléctricas en baja tensión» («Design and calculation of low voltage electrical installations»), «Abecé de las instalaciones de Agua 3» («Water Facilities Technical Report 3 «) «Calidad del Aire Interior» («Indoor Air Quality»), «Abecé de las estructuras 6» ( «Structures Technical Report 6») all of them published by the editorial «Munilla Lería».