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Thank you for exploring research opportunities at Universidad San Pablo CEU REbirth INhabit Research Group.

Research and teaching go hand in hand.We believe that quality learning environments include opportunities for undergraduate and postgraduate students to be engaged in research projects. In addition to providing preparation for their  future careers, undergraduate research enables students to explore  potential fields of work and learn more about their fields of interest—and perhaps even discover a career option they didn’t know existed. Student researchers help to create new knowledge that will impact society, while developing analytical skills that will be a lifelong asset.

Share your research interests with us, so that  we can tell you more about opportunities at REbirth INhabit Research Group.

If you are one of our Erasmus or undergraduate students, keep in mind that conduct research while attending college will have a powerful, positive impact on your future employment, graduate studies, and other pursuits. We want to give you that opportunity as soon as possible. Interships are maneged through the COIE. Please write  us  rebirth@ceu.es to tell us more about yourself.

If you are a Grad Student we  would like to tell you more about research opportunities that pertain to your interests. Please write us  rebirth@ceu.es to tell us more about yourself.


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