Javier Camacho Díez

Foto JCamacho

He received his title of Architect by the School of Architecture of Madrid. He is a Lecturer at the Institute of Technology of CEU San Pablo University where he teaches Design and some course in the Sustainability Laboratoty. He has participated in numerous conferences and symposiums and he is regularly invited to give lectures and sit on architectural  juries. Together with his studio  he has designed and realized many privatel and public buildings,  and has been awarded in numerous architectural and urban design competitions. The work developped in his private practice has beeen awarded in several competitions such as: SUSTAINABLE BUILDING 2011 (Selected),  XI Bienal Española de Arquitectura y Urbanismo (Selected), PREMIO INTERNACIONAL INMOBILIARIO ASPRIMA-SIMA, Exposición del Congreso Nacional de Arquitectos 2009 (Selected),  X Bienal de Arquitectura y Urbanismo (Selected), PREMIO NACIONAL APCE 2008 de Arquitectura, SUSTAINABLE BUILDING 2008(Selected). jcamacho.eps@ceu.es