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capacidad formativaAmong the goals of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) is to encourage innovation. However, this should not be seen solely as a means to improve the quality of education, but should be an end in itself. Innovate involves committing to the advancement of knowledge and the training of professionals for a changing society. Above all, innovation is a quality of knowledge that requires a certain composed successive definition formats practice. For this reason, the university is not only important that the teaching is carried out through media formats or novel, but its objective itself should be encouraging the creation of new content. The particularities of the discipline of architecture make it particularly suitable for this purpose, since the specific training quality architectural design that earns this finds its seed in the investigation. Therefore one of the main challenges is to get the work done by the students is not a passive response to a given sentence, but they themselves are capable of generating their own questions within the framework established by the teacher. Thus, the student will not only be able to set your own goals, develop a concept chosen by them allowed aware of the value and method of research work and possible projection results.


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Launched in September 2014, the Exnova Innovation Workshop serves as a resource for students interested in innovation. The course is designed to help 5th year Architecture students to develop their creative potential. It covers a wide range of abilities through the gaze of architecture.