Innovation awards Jury

Architecture  Engineering


The jury consists of:

David Santos Mejia (Director EPS-CEU, not attend but sent their votes to be read by the Secretary of the jury)

Manuel Martínez Alonso (Open Innovation Manager, Ferrovial)

Pablo Campos Calvo-Sotelo (Director of the department of architecture and design)

Concepción Pérez Gutiérrez (Academic Secretary Eps Ceu)

Juan Manuel Ros (Assistant Professor of the Department of Architecture and Design . Architectural Innovation Workshop Coordinator EPS-CEU)

As secretary of the jury: Maria Antón Barco (Rebirth INhabbit Group)


The jury evaluates the six finalists based on the following criteria:

  1. Recognition of demand. Is the need justified?
  2. Objective public, ¨users¨.Does it represent an impact on the community?
  3. Advantages of the project, added value. Does it exceed mere utility generating transversality?
  4. Relationship to challenge: EPSmart
  5. CEU brand identity. Would it be improve?
  6. Differentiating element. Is it there on the market?
  7. Approach to the business model. Could it market and replicate?
  8. Presentation and essay. Is adequate the documentation?


The jury would like to congratulate all participants for the quality of the proposals. The main contest objective is to encourage and recognize the creativity of the students and staff of the EPS, which was successfully fulfilled. It has become apparent the presence of culture of innovation and innovative attitudes in our school.


REcognize, REconsider and REstructure