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REbirth INhabit Group‘s mandate is to support sustainable development in developing countries. From our Benin, Panama and Peru experiences the groups was aware how cities around the world face unpredictable challenges in increasing intensity. Despite these risks, cities and their residents are often forced to rely on short-term planning and post-hoc fixes. Risk and Resilience, a concentration area within the Research Group scopes, sets out to develop an anticipatory approach to spatial planning, providing communities with tools to effectively prepare for, cope with, and manage rapid change and the spatial, social and economic vulnerabilities it produces. Our efforts are focused on the analysis of depressed areas that engender new risks and vulnerabilities so that potential humanitarian crises could be avoided while designing tools to make the fullest possible contribution  toward their reconstruction.

Major Rebirth Inhabit initiatives include Benin Work Camp  and the Project for a Nutritional Center in NATITINGOU.
We work in partnership with University CEU San Pablo’s  Volunteer office, CEU International and CEU Research Office.


Research Trips to Bénin


REcognize, REconsider and REstructure