Architectural Innovation Workshop (TIA)- Curso 2105/2016  

Architectural Innovation Workshop (TIA)- Curso 2105/2016

January 12, 2016

Architectural Innovation Workshop subject of fifth degree course in Architecture, is an example of the commitment of Escuela Politécnica Superior CEU San Pablo in R + D + i. It seeks to train students in research, innovation and entrepreneurship, from the perspective and the imprint of the future architect to develop products tailored to the real needs in cooperation with companies, and public and private institutions products.
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Workshop organizers have had the collaboration of Industrias Metálicas ANRO for its support for innovation and new technologies, relying on Lean Manufacturing; reduction in the consumption of resources and environmental impacts through its Department of Quality and Environment; their entrepreneurship and its adaptation to the economic environment.

Imagen6The workshop was attended by the CEO ANRO Metal Industries, Rafael Rodriguez; Director of Studies and Contracting Company, Fernando Wirtz, who has regularly collaborated in the project development sessions; Mayor of Estepona, Jose Maria Garcia Urbano, for their support for innovation, which has not only worked to improve the image of their city, but by improving infrastructure, waste management and promote educational campaigns on responsible consumption; the director of the Department of Architecture and Design at Escuela Politécnica Supeior, Pablo Campos; Professor of the course Building Facilities, Felix Aramburu; responsible for managing the Electronic Meeting System Workshop, Irene Galdeano and the head of architectural innovation workshop and principal investigator of the research group `Rebirth-INhabit’ EPS, Juan Manuel Ros.Imagen20

The work done in this workshop highlights, on the one hand the importance of considering the industrialization phase component from the earliest stages of architectural design and on the other the importance of introducing in the current educational model of open innovation concepts promote the exchange of knowledge between seemingly unrelated fields.secondly, the importance of introducing in the current educational model of open innovation concepts to promote the exchange of knowledge between seemingly unrelated fields.

Start Workshop Innovation in Architecture (TIA ) 2015

Start Workshop Innovation in Architecture (TIA ) 2015



September 9, 2015


By matching the year 2015 declared by the UN as the International Year of the Light, Architectural Innovation Workshop adds to the universal interest in the subject including its content, the presence of light as a priority concept in its product design.

The architect must master the expressiveness and quantification of light as inseparable mechanism in assessing the space project. It is therefore relevant claim on this occasion the role of the architect responsible for the technical knowledge and sensitive response to the design in relation to the theme of LIGHT.

In short it is, from research, to bring LIGHT and its technology (the ratio of light to the universe, life and science) to the different approaches and project considerations that are capable of building one argument of feasible architectural innovation; converted into extensible, interactive and customizable product.

Product development, main use: HALTS UNITS for public transport buses. «UAAU»




September 7, 2015



It is a methodology to design activities that combine creativity and efficiency to optimize products for manufacturing, assembly and life cycle, taking into account that not only products are designed, but its services and processes.

The purpose of implementing the DFMA in industrial environments is to promote their knowledge to apply effectively to the design life cycle of the product , reducing the cost and complexity, to satisfy  effectively the new social, economic and environmental requirements.

These methodologies and tools were introduced to the industry by Dr. Dr. Boothroyd and Dewhurst in 1983. In fact , they are the owners of the registered mark DFMA .