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Rebirth-Inhabit RE-ACTIVATE Architecture is a research group based at University San Pablo CEU – Institute of Technology. Lead by Dr. Juan Manuel Ros it aims to build and transfer new scientific knowledge, and to develop innovative projects with clear applicability.

In February 2012 the group consolidated its research activities and started following the outlines of the ‘Conferencia de Rectores de las Universidades Españolas (CRUE)’ that in the introduction of its ‘PROTOCOLO DE ACTUACIÓN DE LAS UNIVERSIDADES FRENTE A SITUACIONES DE CRISIS HUMANITARIAS (2006)’ states that: ‘University, as another cooperation agent, can provide humanitarian assistance in international crises and disaster situations, contributing to the reconstruction of devastated areas’

Thus, its main goal is to developed different projects defined by their social interested. Its efforts are focused on the analysis of depressed areas that engender new risks and vulnerabilities so that potential humanitarian crises could be avoided while designing tools to make the fullest possible contribution toward their reconstruction. In order to do that the Group believes in the importance to engage students and Alumni participation.


Re-inhabit - Emergencies - Sustainability - Technology.


REcognize, REconsider and REstructure