Archivo por días: julio 22, 2016




July 22, 2016

Light, like visual energy and emotional perception inherent in architecture, necessary to optics and complex for mathematics, but above all, as basic belonging to care for the development of contemporary societies, as a transforming tool, it must be considered from the transversality or interdisciplinary triangulation of knowledge. LIGHT is presented as an opportunity to insist again on their spatial qualities, their perceptual manifestations and their ordering principles from border and supposedly divergent areas. LIGHT, immanent presence of reality, speaks expressively of poetic quality of space, the visual miracle of contemplation and cosmic infinity, different scales of the scientific context on the same issue, always redundant. LIGHT, SHADOW, ILLUSION, indissoluble in their conception, claiming the way to call this book without another pretension but to re-think again about our own and incomplete relationship with the truth. LIGHT, SHADOW, ILLUSION, they build a viable argument on which catch only a moment of inspiration.

S.Bueno, J.M. Ros y J. Rojo